Wishing Eid Mubarak to all of our friends!

Eid Mubara.

4/25/20241 min read

On this blessed occasion of Eid, let us come together to celebrate the joys of life, unity, and the enduring spirit of compassion. May this day remind us of the shared values that bind us, inspiring peace and harmony in our hearts and communities. Let's cherish these moments with our loved ones, spreading kindness and understanding, and nurturing the bonds that foster a better, more inclusive world.

Wishing you all an Eid filled with love, health and happiness .At 10.4.2024 our center had the joy to open our doors and celebrate all together with 65 women and 50 children from Afghanistan, Iran, Sierra Leone, Eretria, Soudan and Syria. Our center became one house, one family, one table. All day long women enjoyed the feast celebration with dates, nuts, dry fruit, chocolate, biscuits, bread and fruit. At the end of the day we enjoyed a hot meal all together. Celebrating Eid Mubarak provided us with a wonderful opportunity to strengthen bonds within our community, coming together to share food, dance, peace, love and joy.

You can see for yourself......