Activities for all women & children

Body Wellness

Work-out, yoga, salsa, and self-defense classes are being offered at the center. Whether you want to improve your fitness level, enhance your flexibility, learn some new dance moves, or acquire self-defense skills, these classes provide a diverse range of options. Work-out sessions focus on strength training and cardiovascular exercises, aimed at improving overall fitness. Yoga classes promote relaxation, mindfulness, and flexibility through various poses and breathing techniques. Salsa lessons offer an opportunity to embrace the rhythm and energy of Latin dance, while self-defense classes teach valuable techniques to protect oneself in potentially dangerous situations. With experienced instructors and a welcoming environment, the center is the perfect place to explore different activities and enhance your physical well-being.

Outside sports

Children's activities are important for children to have fun and learn new skills. Engaging in various activities helps children develop their cognitive, physical, and social abilities. Through play, children can explore their creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, and build resilience. Outdoor activities like sports and games promote physical fitness and encourage teamwork. Indoor activities such as puzzles, art projects, and board games stimulate their imaginations and critical thinking abilities. Moreover, participating in group activities helps children develop social skills, such as communication, sharing, and cooperation. Overall, engaging in children's activities not only brings joy and entertainment but also supports their overall growth and development.

Jewerly Workshops

Jewerly workshops offer women a wonderful opportunity to develop valuable skills for their future growth and personal development. These workshops provide a platform for women to learn and master the art of creating beautiful and unique jewerly pieces. By participating in these activities, women can enhance their creativity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. They can gain knowledge about different gemstones, metals, and techniques, allowing them to express their own individual style through their creations. jewerly making also fosters a sense of empowerment and self-confidence, as women see their ideas come to life in stunning pieces that they can proudly wear or sell. With the potential to turn their newfound skills into a business or career, jewerly workshops hold great promise for women's economic independence and success.

Soap & Candle Workshops

Candle and soap workshops empower refugees with hands-on crafting skills, offering a pathway to economic independence, a canvas for therapeutic expression, a medium for cultural preservation, and a communal space for forging connections, making these workshops a source of hope and resilience in their journey.

By empowering women with knowledge and practical skills, this initiative aims to encourage them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and establish successful candle businesses.

Sewing Clothing

Our facilities provide the women to make alterations and create what they need for themselves and their children.

Make up & Henna

Women feel bettter and themselves with make-up and henna designs. This also improves their well-being.

Cooking workshops

Cooking workshops provide refugees with more than just culinary skills they also acquire skills for self-sufficiency and potential employment but also engage in cultural exchange, community building, therapeutic expression, and empowerment, turning the kitchen into a transformative space for rebuilding lives and fostering connections.