Naughty or nice? We don’t care! Baba Noel visited our center for ALL the children!

Presents for everyone!!

1/10/20241 min read

The last day before our center closed for New year's holidays the wwbt community organized a big party for children to celebrate the Christmas season and end the closing week before the holidays on a high note. The children started their day by engaging in different sports and playtime activities that were offered outside. The sun was shining despite the winter months that are upon us and the children enjoyed themselves emensly playing, drawing, creating and running freely. Afterwards the children were escorted inside where the space was prepared for them to sit cozily on the floor and form a big circle.

Having announced to them that a big surprise was waiting they sat patiently but expectedly with anticipation written in their eyes. Santa Claus made his appearance handing out chocolate and candy to each child accompanied by the staff and volunteers taking the role of Santa's little elves distributing presents to the children. The children were given teddy bears, drawing supplies ,toys and sweets that were carefully prepared by the staff and volunteers of the center beforehand to take home and enjoy. The children were very excited reciving their presents and alongside the women they posed for pictures with dear Santa Claus. Moreover the staff and volunteers prepared plates filled with goodies for both children and women to enjoy. Music was playing and women and children were dancing and enjoying themselves while unwrapping their presents.

Lastly after the party came to an end at lunch time women and children sat together on the same table and shared their meal as a family feeling the holiday spirit!