Happy Women’s Day from WWBT Community

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3/29/20241 min read

8th of March-International Women's Day! The day where our center and women guests, all celebrate! It was a remarkable occasion where WWBT Hellas celebrated the achievements and contributions of women in our community. The event was truly special as it brought together over 100 women from various backgrounds to commemorate Women's Day. It was heartening to witness the sense empowerment among the attendees as they celebrated the progress and resilience of all women in the world. One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of five extraordinary womenwho have made significant impacts on society by supporting and uplifting other women. Specifically, we had the honor to welcome for today's celebration Mrs Anastasia Antonelli deputy Governor of the northern Aegean,Mrs Barbara Gkigkilini newspaper editor (politics), Mrs Ourania Prasinou Director of the national conservatory branch of Mytilene,Mrs Maria Vamvourelli Lawyer, and Mrs Rubab Mirza refugee woman from Pakistan mother of two children,wife ,and MSF worker. Their stories of empowerment and advocacy resonated deeply with the audience and served as sources of inspiration for all present. Moreover, it was evident that the guests were deeply moved and inspired by the stories and achievements of refugee women who shared during the event. Recognizing our guests' impactful contributions to society we presented them with citations for their remarkable achievements in empowering and supporting women. We look forward to continuing our efforts to empower and uplift women in our community.

By Shewit from Eritrea